Thursday, January 7, 2010

Augustine Harris

Augustine Harris died in Cleburne, Texas, March 12, 1895. Aged 71 years and 8 months.
This dear brother passed quietly and peacefully to his heavenly rest. He was born in North Carolina
in 1823; moved to Georgia and united with the Baptist in 1864; later he moved to northern Arkansas, where he lived for several years. Two  years ago he came to Texas to live with his son, Dr. T.T. Harris, at whose home he died. His son, Eld. Wm H. Harris, and a younger son in attendeance upon medical school in St. Louis came to join their two brothers here in ministering to the last earthly wants of their parent. Concious of the coming end, he had no fear of death. He was ready, and had nothing to die. His falling asleep in Jesus was as gentle as the sleep of a babe in the arms of his mother.
Asleep in Jesus, O, how sweet
To be for such slumber meet.
J.W. Newbrough
Cleburne, Texas
Arkansas Baptist, April, 10, 1895, page 8

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