Friday, December 18, 2009

Lizzie M. Coburn

Lizzie M. Coburn was born June 28, 1857, and died at her home in Searcy June 28, 1896, just 39 years old. For two years and a half she was a great sufferer, and yet a most cheerful and submissive one. She loved her church and Sunday school. The ringing of the bell for service was music to her ears. And when she could not go, she would always speak of te bell as "that blessed bell". She was a devoted member of the Helping Hand society, and the members of the society speak of her with great affection. She would often speak of her eternal prospects, and say she would be glad when the Lord saw proper to take her out of her sufferings, but would add; " I am willing to suffer on if it is his will" And it pleased him to take her on that beautiful Sunday morning to celebrate her 39th birthday in heaven. May her surviving brother and niece and nephew, whom she assisted in raising, meet her in the better land.
E.C. Faulkner
Searcy, Ark
Arkansas Baptist, August 5, 1896, page 15

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