Saturday, November 14, 2009

Samuel S Desha- Mortuary Notice

Funeral of Samuel S Desha
Representative Men of Pulaski County in Attendance- A Model Colored man
 The Funeral of Samuel S Desha, a very prominant colored man, whose death was announced in yesterday's Gazette took place from the Colored Baptist Church on Eleventh and Izard streets yesterday afternoon. There was a very large attendance at the services.
Among those present were Hon. Thos, Fletcher, Col. John G Fletcher, Mayer H. L. Fletcher, Jeff L Fletcher, H.L. Fletcher Jr., Richard Fletcher, Dr. R. W. Lindsey and Louis Reinman.
The county was represented by the following gentlemen from the various departments of the County Government; O.P. Harnwell, from the County Court; Horace Booker from the Sheriff's office J.J. McEvoy from the County Clerk's office; Horace Dale from the Circuit Clerk's office; Francis M. Conway, County Surveyor, and Robt. W. Worthen, late Sheriff  of Pulaski County.
The deceased was born and reared in Saline County, and when a slave was the property of Caleb Lindsey, father of Dr. R.W. Lindsey.
The deceased was a man of exceptional moral and financial standing for one of his race, and in the language of Mayor Fletcher: "His word was as good as his bond in or out of banks"
He was a staunch Democrat and leaves property to this city and Eagle township valued at from $30,000 to $40,000.  He had a $10,000 life insurance policy in Equitable Life Insurance Company.
In fact, Samuel Desha was a model in which the brethren of his race might do well to emulate.
Arkansas Gazette Sept. 5, 1891

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